Registration for CERTCON 2015 is now open.
As an incentive to register early (which will help us in the planning process) there will be raffle drawings for CERT-related prizes with various cut off points for each raffle.
Please pass the word to your CERT teams and other emergency or disaster response personnel who may be interested.

Training Opportunities

Please see the following .PDF training opportunity for E0197 Integrating Access and Functional Needs into Emergency Planning for May 27–28, and September 9–10, 2015. EMI is pleased to be offering this course in partnership with the FEMA Office of Disability Integration and Coordination (ODIC). Currently, we are not accepting requests for off-campus offerings. EMI and ODIC are working on creating a formal process for requesting and filling requests for L0197 (off-campus) offerings.

If you have any questions about attending residential training at EMI, please contact John Broaddus at john.broaddus@maryland.gov.

Training Opportunity 1119 - E0197 Integr[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [888.9 KB]

Preparing Older Americans

Preparing Older Americans Partnering with older Americans and engaging them in preparedness efforts can make a significant difference in communities before, during, and after disasters.  To find out more, go here...

Rural Readiness

Large flat tracts of land, such as farms and fields can be vulnerable to a variety of natural hazards. Floods can damage crops and make them inedible. Large isolated barns and silos may be particularly vulnerable to lightning, and by extension, fire.    To read more...

Citizen Corps and CERT Store front

Queensboro Shirt Company is our vendor of choice for Citizen Corps and CERT embroidered apparel, bags and accessories.  Since 1982 QB Stores has been a pioneer in the custom logo apparel business.  Alfred Fronefield, Vice Chair Citizen Corps Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis has a limited supply of bags for sale.  Or feel free to contact our store front with QB Stores and order directly from them.  To visit our store front, http://aacitizencorps.qbstores.com


Emergency Mass Notification System - CodeRED


Anne Arundel County, in conjunction with the City of Annapolis has an Emergency Mass Notification System capable of reaching thousands of residences and businesses in a matter of minutes.  A pre-recorded message with important information can be delivered to a live person, an answering machine or TTY/TDD device.


Please use the CodeRed link to register your mobile device only.  You do not need to add your landline.




General membership meeting

 Meeting location:

Anne Arundel County Fire Department Headquarters, 8501 Veterans Highway, Millersville, MD 21108


Next meeting:  April 21, 2015 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM


Agenda can be viewed under the Members Only section.





Questions or Comments?  Please send them to: